What are the Advantages to posting jobs with JobSpot

Simple – we will save you both time and money. We focus on a niche market, the Ismaili community and JobSpot will act as the single point of information for all vacancies within the community.


Who posts my open jobs?

You will post your open position, after approval, your job will be posted within 24 -48 hours.


How can I get the best response to my online job posting?

Provide a detailed job description and job title. If you want to narrow the responses received, include years of experience and level of education or specific degree required in the job description and a salary. Select the appropriate categories to post your job, permanent, contract, temporary , part-time internships, work placements or voluntary.


What is the length of time my job posting will stay active? 

Each job posting will remain online for 30 days from the day of active posting unless otherwise specified. Jobs may be deleted at any time by contacting JobSpot on jobspot@iiuk.org. You can resubmit your posting at any time. You may also extend a job posting past the initial 30 days.


How do Job Seekers respond to my job postings online?

Our job seekers will respond by email unless you specify otherwise. Other options are by fax, phone or letter, just let the job seeker know if you desire another method of contact other than email. Tip – email provides the best response to your job posting. Be courteous and please respond to all emails.

What if I have multiple job postings? 

You can post as many jobs as desired. 


What is the resume database and how do I use it? 

The resume database is a compilation of active job seekers who have registered with JobSpot. You may use it by searching keywords, job categories or dates posted. We will be happy to assist you with this feature so that you can maximize your search efficiency.

What are the advantages of searching the resume database?

The resume database allows you to search for job seekers that best fit your hiring needs. It allows you to control the candidate-search process. You may also conduct a confidential search, that is, search for candidates without advertising your position. Candidates you locate in a confidential search will only know that you reviewed their profile after you contact them.


Can I contact you if I need assistance or have additional questions?

Absolutely, we are here to help you with any need concerning the use of our online job board. Or please free to contact us, in the first instance by email on jobspot@iiuk.org.